How To: Manage all your passwords on your iPhone

Manage all your passwords on your iPhone

Mike Callahan from Butterscotch describes how to manage the passwords on your iPhone by using the 1Password app. The application costs $5.99 for the Pro version. First, you enter an Unlock Code to give you access to the app. The icons across the bottom of the screen correspond to different features of the app. The Logins icon stores your login information. The Wallet icon stores information about your credit and bank cards. The Passwords icon holds all your passwords. The Add icon allows you to add a new login, note, wallet item, or create a generated password. This allows the user to create a strong password of a desired length, choosing whether or not to include numbers or special characters. The Settings icon allows the user to set up Wi-Fi Sync, display passwords on screen, backup and restore, get online help or email feedback, or change the unlock code and auto-lock capability. Here the user can also change the master password or clear web cookies. The 1Password app also works great with Mobile Safari.

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