How To: Make Your Own Smartphone Camera Stand

Make Your Own Smartphone Camera Stand

This is how I made my smartphone camera stand using everyday items laying around in my garage. This is also a great rainy day project for anyone who uses a smartphone for their youtube or social media videos. It cost me almost nothing to build since I already had most of the items. This is a great project for anyone looking to start out on since it is really simple. It literally took me only 10 minutes to build.

After I did this project I actually went back and modified it. I cut the pipe in the half way point between the notch and the bottom and added an elbow piece. Now it can lay flat and swivel until I can get the perfect angle for my shot. It still works great. Just remember not to glue any pieces. I still use this today even though I have better video equipment now. I hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you for watching.

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