How To: Make Your Own Mobile Apps for the Android Market

Make Your Own Mobile Apps for the Android Market

The Android App Market is flooded with tons of new mobile applications each day. But there can't be that many developers out there familiar with the Android OS, so where are all of these apps coming from?

People like you. People like me. All of which don't How to Make Your Own Mobile Apps for the Android Markethave the slightest idea on how to program an Android app. So, how do we do it?

Well, Google made something called App Inventor—for anyone and everyone with a computer, Android phone and some developer know-how.

"Creating an App Inventor app begins in your browser, where you design how the app will look. Then, like fitting together puzzle pieces, you set your app's behavior. All the while, through a live connection between your computer and your phone, your app appears on your phone."

But now there's an even better method—AppsGeyser, which makes app development available to anyone interested—literally, anyone. Plus—it's free!

Okay, so you're not going to be making the next Angry Birds, but you can definitely have fun with it. And you can make money from it (potentially). The website claims that there are over 150 million app installation from the Android Market, and that you can be a part of that. And if you're one of the best performing apps, they'll slap some ads in it and you can earn money every time someone clicks on them.

How to Make Your Own Mobile Apps for the Android Market

When you go to the AppsGeyser website and click on the Create Now! button, you're presented with three choices:

  1. Mobile Website App
    Just enter the URL of any mobile-formatted website and AppsGeyser will turn it into a simple, but fully functional Android app.
  2. Web Widget App
    Enter in the HTML code of any web widget for an replica mobile app.
  3. Web Page Content App
    This option uses a tool to grab chunks of webpages, turning them into apps themselves.

How to Make Your Own Mobile Apps for the Android Market

Watch the video to get started.

Once you've made your app, you can upload it to the Android Market or download it. This method of making Android Apps is especially great if you're a coder and know how to make web widgets, but are pained at the idea of learning how to make an Android app. You can just make those widgets and have AppsGeyser convert them into Android apps. There's nothing more to learn.

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Photos by Johan Larsson, laihiu
SOURCE Google Labs, AppsGeyser VIA The Next Web

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