How To: Make iPhone ringtones for free with iTunes

Make iPhone ringtones for free with iTunes

In this video, we learn how to make iPhone ringtones for free with iTunes. First, open up iTunes and open up the song you want to make a ringtone out of. After this, right click and click "create an aac version". It will start to convert, then once that's done right click on the new song and click "get info". Now you can adjust the start and end time of the song, depending on what you want your tone to be. When finished, click "ok", then create an aac version of this new song. Delete the first aac version, then right click on the new one, and click "delete", then "keep file". Now, go to your iTunes music folder, and find the album of the artist's tone. The new song will be saved here, then click and edit the file extension to ".m4r". Now, when you double click on it, it will show up in your ringtones, and you can download this to your phone!

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