How To: Make a free iPhone paper clip stand

Make a free iPhone paper clip stand

Want to watch Hulu on your iPhone? Maybe Netflix on your iPod Touch? YouTube videos? The best way to watch these hits is with a brand new… and FREE… paperclip iPhone stand.

From Dean Liou:

"So, I was wanting to watch Napoleon Dynamite, but I didn't have a way to prop up my iPhone. I went online to look for instructions on creating any kind of makeshift stand, but all I came up with was some triangle-thing made out of a dollar bill, and also a retail item called the 'Bat Rest'. The Bat Rest is a great idea... but I wanted something NOW.

Anyway, long story short, after a couple of failures, I came up with this shape."

This paperclip design will not scratch up your iPhone or iPod Touch… if you do it right. You can plastic-coated paperclips to ensure a safer and more snug approach. Essentially, the tips of the paper clips will never actually touch your device. You can download the template for the iPhone paperclip stand here, and Dean's website. There's also text instructions and photos to help you along your way.

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