How To: Jailbreak the Iphone 3g and keep your data

Jailbreak the Iphone 3g and keep your data

In this tutorial, we learn how to jailbreak an iPhone 3g and keep the data. First, plug your phone in and connect it to your computer. Next, go to the website felixbruns iPod firmware. Go to the bottom of the page and find where it says "iPhone 3g 3.0" then download and install this to your computer. Next, go and download this zip file, and download and install this on your computer. Next, turn off your phone, then wait for it to restart. Now, hold the power button off and click on the RedSnow, click next and then click the home and power button on your iPhone. Then, release the power button but keep your hand on the home button until the program tells you to release. Now your screen will turn white, then an image will appear and you can let go of the home button. Now the jailbreak program will install into your phone. Once it says it's completed, wait for your phone to load the program and then enjoy your phone.

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