iPhone Quick Tip: Add Color to Make Your Broken Rear Glass Panel Look… Less Broke

Add Color to Make Your Broken Rear Glass Panel Look… Less Broke

The iPhone is probably one of the best looking phones ever made, but that beauty comes with a price. If you have a 4S or previous version, all it takes is one drop and the back glass is shattered (unless you're incredibly lucky). Replacing it yourself is pretty simple and cheap, but if you're not into DIY repairs, here's an easy alternative solution, as long as you have a white device.

Redditor skrillexisokay used highlighters to transform a broken back glass into a work of art. And the best part is that it only takes about 10 minutes:

"Just draw all over the back with a highlighter and rub the excess ink off with a paper towel. The ink will stay in the cracks, but rub off the rest of the back. To avoid dangerous glass shards or ink rubbing off, cover with one piece of clear packing tape or something similar, like clear nail polish."

Not a fan of neon? You can also try different colors of paint or nail polish like frewp.

The most important step in this is the last one—covering it with some sort of clear protective material to keep yourself from getting cut.

This may not be an ideal or permanent solution, but it definitely looks better than just plain shattered glass. Besides, wouldn't you rather look good while you wait for your next upgrade? Only thing is, this wouldn't work for those of you with black iPhones, since the color would not show very well.

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Black iPhones could use whiteout or something similar but the effect wouldn't be as good.

Yeah, I think it would just look weird with the black ones, even if you dyed the white out different colors. I guess replacement glass is best then... or just a case to hide it.

Maybe you can use pastel pigment crayons on the black iPhones? Crayon rubs off of glass with some elbow grease and will actually fill in the cracks. :)

Is there any way I could get the color out if I wanted to change it?

so i really fucked up on mine...... i used black marking thing it was just normal and..... turns out permanent will fuck it up bad!!!

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