How To: Install a Gameboy Advanced (Gba) emulator on a Blackberry

Install a Gameboy Advanced (Gba) emulator on a Blackberry

Well, no one ever thinks of the BlackBerry as a gaming platform, but with this cool little java based app, called MeBoy, you can run Gameboy Advanced ROMS on your BlackBerry smartphone. Try it now and see all that glorious duotone color right in the palm of your hands! So give it a whirl and get a GBA emulator on your BlackBerry now!

This is the MeBoy Java based Gameboy emulator running on my rather battered Blackberry Tour 9630. The Game I'm playing( obviously) is Pokemon Yellow. I average 14+ frames per second, but sometimes it drops to 8. Tomorrow( I lied, but I'll be getting on that soon...) there will be a review of it on my blog, which is I will have instructions on how to set it up with any blackberry (whether or not it works is another matter). This is the site for MeBoy Also, my voice does not really sound that weird.

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You could have at least mentioned you didn't make the video. x_x

MeBoy does not support Gameboy Advance (GBA) games. It on,y supports Gameboy (GB) and Gameboy Color (GBC).

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