How To: Identify Any Shade of Color with Your Android Device Using the Color Grab App

Identify Any Shade of Color with Your Android Device Using the Color Grab App

As most of us know, men and women are (shocker alert) different. Not only are they different, but they view the world an entirely different way.

Especially colors.

But with the help of a new Android app called Color Grab by Loomatix, now everyone can view colors the same way.

Color Grab by Loomatix

Whether it be Buff, Deep Space Sparkle, Fuzzy Wuzzy or Feldgrau, this application can help you find any color you need, with over 1,300 recognized colors. All you need to do is download the application, point the camera at the desired color and in seconds you should get the color name, hue, RGB and HSV representation.

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As the description on the Android store explains, this app is designed for graphic designers and color-blind people. Not only that, but the application can also be helpful for any guy in history that has ever had a girlfriend. You never know when she might mention what a beautiful shade of red something is.

Take out your Android, snap a shot, get the color name and surprise her with a dress in that color a few months later. You can thank me later.

You can download Color Grab in the Google Play Store for free.

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