HowTo: Skip the Wait, Upgrade NOW to iPhone 4

Skip the Wait, Upgrade NOW to iPhone 4

Attention all iPhone users.

Engadget posts a helpful tip on possibly avoiding that painfully long iPhone 4 upgrade wait:

"Apple and AT&T have worked to give folks a little leniency, with existing AT&T users able to upgrade to the iPhone 4 'up to six months early.' In other words, if your current iPhone contract expires at any point in 2010, you're now eligible to grab an iPhone 4 at $199 (16GB) or $299 (32GB) so long as you agree to stay faithful to a carrier you may or may not loathe for another two years."

HowTo: Skip the Wait, Upgrade NOW to iPhone 4

HowTo check if you're eligible? Engadget's got you covered there, too:

"Dial *639# on your current phone. You'll be returned a text message from AT&T detailing your situation -- either you'll be told you can get a full upgrade price (meaning $199 / $299 for the 16GB and 32GB, respectively) or you'll be eligible at some particular date in the future. Not all's lost in the latter case -- you can still pay $200 more for the phone as an "early upgrade," which is less than the no-commitment price of $599 / $699."

HowTo: Skip the Wait, Upgrade NOW to iPhone 4

Good luck!

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It works! Just tried it.

The real question is, can YOU upgrade !?

oh lol. By the title I thought you guys meant getting another apple engineer drunk and taking his prototype. Never mind!

The real question is , Do you want a Iphone 4.

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