HowTo: Hack an iPod Touch Into an iPhone

Hack an iPod Touch Into an iPhone

The iPhone and iPod touch are nearly identical devices, especially now that Apple has added a front-facing camera to the iPod touch. All that's missing is the phone part. With the help of Lifehacker and apps like Skype and Line2, you can save some money by turning your iPod Touch into an iPhone, without the need to jailbreak.

HowTo: Hack an iPod Touch Into an iPhone

Click through to Lifehacker for the full tutorial.

You Will Need:

  • An iPod touch - Lifehacker's guide uses the latest (4G) hardware, but in most cases their guide is applicable to any iPod touch.
  • A VoIP App - There are additional options other than Skype and Line2.
  • A Constant Wi-Fi Connection - The only issue you may have is outside your home, when the WiFi connection isn't necessarily reliable. 
  • Extra: An iPod-compatible Headset - Unless you plan on using speakerphone, a headset is necessary.


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