How To: Hack payphones and SIM cards

Hack payphones and SIM cards

Citizen Engineer is an online video series about open source hardware, electronics, art and hacking by Limor (`Ladyada') Fried of Adafruit Industries & Phillip (`pt') Torrone of MAKE magazine.

In part one of this episode dedicated to phone hacks, you'll learn how a how to build your own SIM, or Subscriber Identification Module, card reader and receive tips on viewing deleted contacts and text messages.

In part two, you'll learn how to modify a "retired" payphone so it can be used as a home phone and/or for VoIP (Skype). You'll then learn how to modify the hacked payphone so it accepts quarters. And, lastly, you'll see how to use a Redbox to make "free phone" calls from the modified coin-accepting payphone.

For more information on any or all of the above hints and hacks, take a look!

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This is an incredibly interesting video... Well worth watching the whole way through.


this was fun, but i cant find an old payphone thats not still in use...
so i havnt gotten to try it yet...

i love this video


by the look of ya dp kenyweb. thats not all that you love

Excellent A+ very well explained. Cheers keep up the good work

now instead od building your own, can you use a standard SD reader with a SIM card port? im wondering cause thats what i have. please let me kno. thanks. and excellent video.

I cannot build that equipment but is the SD reader good to use ?

You are fantastic. IF i got a hold of a phone could you modify it for me?

I like it!!!

That was a great video.

Awsome lol i wish i could do that 2.

that's fantastic! nice, pls send me copy of the circuit diagram u used.

I want to hack a SIM card but not getting anywhere
No video is coming up
Can anyone help me

Nice work keep up..

great video, but I still have questions concerning the "cloning."

You can buy a simcard reader for like 99cents on ebay center lip piercing isn't centered. there, I said it.

Can any1 plz help me how to hack nokia n70 for free internet?!

why is ur face weird


how do i download on this site pls

pls give me a copy of sim hacking circuit diagram...thanks!!

Can anyone help me with hacking a SIM card

Is cool, please give me a copy of circuit diagram with detail the parts.. thanks Blessing :)

Is cool, please give me a copy of circuit diagram with detail the parts.. thanks Blessing.

Good Explination, please give me the circute diagrm with detail parts ... thanks.

Nerdy Freak Girls are Hot. Just Saying.

Theres no video showing can anyone help with a website or somethung i can view familar to this

How can i hack a mobile sim card

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