How To: Get the Windows 8 Picture Password Unlock Screen on Your Android Smartphone

Get the Windows 8 Picture Password Unlock Screen on Your Android Smartphone

One of the more innovative features about the new Windows 8 operating system is the ability to unlock the screen via a picture password. This new feature allows the user to select any photo they would like and use taps, circles or straight lines to unlock the device. The video below shows the picture unlock in action.

But what if you want to unlock more than just your Windows 8 computer or tablet with your own personalized pictures?

Well, if you've got an Android device, it's totally doable, thanks to kevdliu on XDA Developers. He created a free application that brings the Windows 8 picture password unlock screen right to your Android device!

Just like with Windows 8, you can now draw a point, line, or a circle to unlock your Android device. To get the Picture Password Lockscreen app, download it from the Google Play store. There is also a paid version which offers a few more options, but if all you want is the picture unlock, the free version will suffice.

NOTE: If you have a phone with the on-screen navigation bar, such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, then you'll need to root your device and install the app as a system app in /system/app in order for the lockscreen to disable the on-screen navigation bar.

Update: Video Added

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