How To: Get an iPhone app developed

Get an iPhone app developed

It seems like everyone who is anyone has an iPhone app these days. In this video, learn how to create and develop your own app. If you have a great idea, but are not sure what the next step is, check out this video from Nick. Nick will offer you advice on finding and working with a developer and getting your app up and running and sent to Apple for approval.

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What about a guy who is completely computer illiterate with a great idea for a pretty simple app that many people would want. I'm afraid of telling more computer savvy friends about my app idea in fear of them getting it developed before I do. I also have a fear of sharing my idea to multiple developers to bid on, because what prevents them from just taking my basic idea and doing it themselves and cutting me out?

Im in Jeremy's boat i feel the same way ive got a great idae for an app but dont really want to post it :-(

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