How To: Get Installous on a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch

Get Installous on a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch

Worlds Playground shows you how to install Installous on a jail broken iPhone or iPod Touch. You must have an iPhone or an iPod Touch first or second generation. Your first step is to open your Cydia app. Go to the manage tab of the app and then click on the sources button. The next step is to go to edit and then add. The source you need to add is "http:/". After adding that source go to changes and download the MI patch. Once that is done go back to Cydia and changes and click on Installous and install it. Once that is done, go to the app store and download any app that you want. When that is finished go into Installous and search for your application in the search engine. You can then download any app that you want for free.

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