How To: Get the Galaxy Note 20's Leaked Wallpapers on Any Phone

Get the Galaxy Note 20's Leaked Wallpapers on Any Phone

New wallpapers for new smartphones are basically a tradition at this point. That tradition doesn't change with the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra — Samsung is introducing five fresh wallpapers for the new devices. Of course, Samsung would like these wallpapers to remain Note 20-exclusive, but that's not how we roll. Here's how you can get them on your iPhone or Android right now.

We have these wallpapers thanks to Ishan Agarwal, self-described tech enthusiast with a knack for smartphone leaks. Agarwal posted uncompressed images to Twitter and as part of a Google Drive link, so we don't need to buy a Note 20 or a Note 20 Ultra to rock these new wallpapers.

To download any or all of these five new wallpapers to your smartphone, just snag the images from the gallery below. That said, we've uploaded the wallpapers to this MediaFire folder. We'll never take those images down from MediaFire, so you can always find them via the link here.

Images by Ishan Agarwal/Twitter
Images by Ishan Agarwal/Twitter (1, 2)

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Cover image by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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