How To: Get free Verizon ringtones

Get free Verizon ringtones

Magicmattman1 teaches you how to get free Verizon ringtones. You will need a Verizon phone and iTunes. Start iTunes and go to Preferences. Then go to Import settings and set it to MP3 Encoder. Click Custom, set it to 96 kbps and click Ok. Right click on a song, click Get Info, then Options. Here you have to uncheck Start time and click Ok. Start the song and see which 30 seconds you want as your ringtone. Now go back and enter the values you want for start and stop time. Right click and select Create MP3 version. Right click on it and select Show in Finder. Change .mp3 to .mid. Drag it into email. Send it to your phone number followed by Open the message and use the file as your ringtone.

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