How To: Get free apps with Installous

Get free apps with Installous

This video teaches viewers how to easily download free applications for their iPhone and iPod Touch by installing Installous. Your first step is to open Cydia and click on Manage. You will then click 'Sources' and add this source: Press 'done' and go to the search tab. Search for 'Installous'. When you find it, press install and confirm the installation. Press the home button after it's installation to make sure it is properly installed. Now, open up Installous and press search. Here, you will search for 'Slotz Racer'. When you find it, press on it and it will load. In order to add this app, scroll to download and click download. Download it from whatever source you would like (there may be multiple ones). Confirm the download and wait for it to load onto your device. Now, click on your home key and check if the app have downloaded. If the apps do not show up at first, just go download any free application from the app store and it will be there next time! It will have and this means you have just downloaded a free application! You can repeat this process for any applications you would like!

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