How To: Get Back Your Watch List for HBO Max — Before or After Upgrading from HBO Now or HBO Go

Get Back Your Watch List for HBO Max — Before or After Upgrading from HBO Now or HBO Go

As of May 27, HBO Max is taking over your HBO Now or HBO Go account. If you have your devices set up to auto-install new app updates, you should pause it right now if your HBO app hasn't been updated yet. There's one thing you'll want to do before you make the leap. However, you're not out of luck if you already upgraded.

The HBO Go app still exists in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store, so you'll have to install the HBO Max app separately if you're a Go user. For that reason, you're in a better position than HBO Now users. For HBO Now, the app is now replaced with HBO Max, so when you update HBO Now, it'll be HBO Max.

Cool. So what's the problem? Your watchlist. When you move to HBO Max, your watchlist does not transfer over, so it may seem like all of your saved titles are gone. If you want to have the same movies and TV series in your HBO Max watchlist, you'll need to transfer them over — only there is no easy way to do that.

Option 1: Save Your 'My List' Before Updating

Before you update to HBO Max on your iPhone or Android phone, you could open up your HBO Now app, go to "My List," then take screenshots of everything in there. That way, when you update your app to Max, you can use the screenshots as a reference to add all the titles back manually.

However, if you don't do this, either because the app auto-updated or because you're an HBO Go subscriber, there's another way to add your titles back....

Option 2: Add Titles Back to 'My List' After Updating

If you're an HBO Go user, you can keep both apps on your iPhone or Android phone, and then use your watchlist in HBO Go as a reference to add titles back to your HBO Max account's "My List" manually. You've got it easier than HBO Now users.

If you're an HBO Now user, you need to use another device to find your watchlist on HBO Now so that you can use it as a reference to transfer titles over manually to Max. Not all devices support HBO Max right now, including Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices. So if you have one of those, you can simply open the HBO Now app from there, then copy the list manually on your phone's Max app.

Or if you have an Android tablet or iPad, and you haven't updated to Max already there, you can still use that device's HBO Now app to access your watchlist. Then, add back titles manually, one by one, to the Max app.

Another way to find your watchlist is to log in to on your computer, click your profile name in the top right, and select "My List" if it doesn't show up right away. Unfortunately, HBO redirects this webpage on mobile devices to HBO's main site, so you'll need to use a web browser on a computer. Then, again, you have to add titles manually to Max, using your Now list as a reference.

Why HBO didn't make this easier is anybody's guess, but as you can see, your Now watchlist is not lost. You just have to access it a different way, then do the grunt work to get the same movies and shows on your HBO Max watchlist.

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Cover photo and screenshots by Justin Meyers/Gadget Hacks

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