How To: Get Around Vine's Time Restriction and Upload Videos Longer Than 6 Seconds

Get Around Vine's Time Restriction and Upload Videos Longer Than 6 Seconds

As we all know, our attention spans are much shorter now that we're accustomed to getting information and news in tiny snippets via text messages, tweets, instagrams, and other constant updates.

With that in mind, it makes sense that a social media platform for videos would impose a short, 6 second limit, because really—who has the time for anything longer?

If you've never heard of Vine yet and don't know what I'm talking about, check out former Mad TV actor Will Sasso's video below for a compilation of his 6 second Vine vids.

As you can see, 6 second videos can be f-ing hilarious.

What if that just doesn't do it for ya, though? What if 6 seconds isn't the right amount of time for you to get out whatever ingenious or insightful thoughts you have in your head? What if 6 seconds is three seconds shy of the time you need to finish your tirade on how 6 seconds isn't enough?

Lucky for us, the folks over at ANIMAL have done all the dirty work and figured out how to get around the time constraint...through unauthorized means.

Yeeeeaaaahhhhhh. You're naughty aren't you? You're a bad boy (or girl) who doesn't listen to the law and wants to post 20 second Vine videos, rules be damned.

Hacking Vine

If you're ready to throw caution to the wind and bypass the 6 second restriction, there are a few prerequisites you'll need:

If you plan on taking the long videos with your iPhone's camera app, you'll also need to covert the .mov files to .mp4 files, so keep that in mind.

The process involves switching the names of two .mp4 video files via iFile, which is pretty simple, but may take a while at first because you have to go through so many different menus. Once you get the hang of it, you'll start to remember the steps and it'll become much easier.

Switching the names lets you trick Vine into thinking the file you're uploading is actually just a legit, 6 second video. Check out ANIMAL's video guide below to watch the entire process.

When I uploaded a 12 second Vine, it turned out sideways and would take forever to play. I added a screenshot of it below so you can see how sketchy it came out.

Unfortunately, it only lasted about 2 hours before Vine took it down. It seems like they're on top of their shit, so be careful about posting too many long videos.

They might just ban you.

(Or they might not care. I have an 8 second video that I uploaded successfully—and vertically—which Vine has done nothing about so far. It's been a few days, so thank you, Vine, for being considerate about those vital extra seconds.)

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