How To: Forward Skype Calls to Your Phone Number on iPhone or Android

Forward Skype Calls to Your Phone Number on iPhone or Android

You can forward your Skype audio calls to your cellphone or landline. This way, you'll still receive calls when you have no Wi-Fi, and you don't have to worry about always being logged into Skype.

If you've ever missed a Skype voice call because you weren't on Wi-Fi or because you weren't logged in, you can now fix this with Skype's automatic call forwarding.

Enable Call Forwarding in Skype

First, open the Skype app (Android | iOS). Press your Skype profile picture in the top-center of the screen, then select "Settings." In the "Settings" screen, press the "Calling" button.

On the "Calling Settings" screen, press the "Call forwarding and voicemail" button. From there, enable the switch next to "Forward calls after." Here, you can also set how many seconds Skype should wait before forwarding your call. This allows you to answer a call on Skype if you can before it forwards it to your phone.

Make sure the "A mobile or landline number" radio switch is selected, then choose your country and enter your phone number. No phone verification is required. Now, Skype forwarding has been set up. Whenever you get a video or voice call on Skype, the audio from the call will be automatically forwarded to your cell or landline!

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