How To: Find All Songs Your Favorite Artists Helped Create on Tidal

Find All Songs Your Favorite Artists Helped Create on Tidal

Contrary to popular belief, it takes more than just one artist to create the sound, lyrics, and vocals of a song. With most music being enjoyed digitally nowadays, it's harder to know all of a track's collaborators, as this info used to be in the CD booklet. Well with Tidal, you can now easily find this information and more.

Tidal introduced a new feature called "interactive credit pages." For any artist whose catalog they host, you can view an enhanced credits section that shows their contributions to their own songs as well as other artists' songs. You can filter tracks based on the type of contribution. For example, you can see which songs Kanye West produced and which songs he wrote the lyrics for. Especially in this day an age where many artists are collaborating on lyrics, this is an easy way to see if your favorite songs from them are their own words or the work of another artist.

Using Interactive Credit Pages

To view someone's credits, pull up the artist's main page on Tidal by searching for their name using the Search tab on the bottom or selecting the three vertical dots next to a specific track and choosing "Go to Artist." Below their name, you will find a list of all musical contributions the artist has, including as a songwriter, musician, producer, and more. Select this text to bring up the interactive credit pages.

Here, you will see one of several categories — you can filter results by selecting "songwriter," "production," "musician," and "misc." Select the categories to filter the results, and the list will adjust to only show tracks that meet the criteria of the filter. In the list, below the track name and artist name will be their specific contribution. For example, you can see that John Mayer played guitar for Travis Scott's "WAKE UP," but was a composer and lyricist for Travis Scott's "ASTROTHUNDER."

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