How To: Filter Potential Matches on Bumble

Filter Potential Matches on Bumble

Despite Tinder's tremendous popularity, Bumble has carved out a billion-dollar business by focusing on women (they message first), simplicity (ice breakers less wordy than OkCupid), and relationships past romance (friends and prospective jobs). Now they're diving into customization, with filters that allow you to pore over prospective matches by height, religion, education, politics, and more.

Are you a non-smoker looking to stay away from cigarette lovers? There's a filter for that. A conservative who can't stand liberals? There's a filter for that. Want to go on a date with a mutual dog lover? You're in luck ... there's a filter for that, too. If you're you're tired of swiping and matching with people you don't have much in common with, here's a short guide to help you with using filters on Bumble.

How to Use Bumble Filters

Aside from breaking the ice, matching with someone who you might have a connection with is the roughest part of online dating. Bumble's new filter feature saves you the headache of unwanted matches by limiting the selection of matches you swipe through to those who are more interested in what you like.

To set up a filter open Bumble, tap on the user icon on the top-right, then hit the gear icon also on the top right. Under Filters tap on "Set advanced Date filters" to begin filtering the matches you want to see.

You have the option to filter by education level, use of weed, star signs, and more (you must fill out these answers on your profile first before you can use them as filters). To add a filter, tap on it and select your "acceptable" answers to the question.

For example, for the question "Do they drink?", you may only want to match with those who enjoy drinking — whether it's socially or frequently. Check all the answers you want and only potential suitors that match your filters will appear when you swipe. Once you're done, scroll up and tap on "Apply filters."

You can only add up to two filters for free; the paid version (known as Bumble Boost) allows unlimited filters, so choose carefully. Although there are a few filters that should be included (musical taste, anyone?), this is a useful feature to make online dating a little bit easier.

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