How To: Facebook Messenger Just Released a Secret Soccer Game—Here's How to Play

Facebook Messenger Just Released a Secret Soccer Game—Here's How to Play

Facebook Messenger has another secret game for you to play in both the Android and iOS versions of its app. This time it's a soccer-themed game to tie in with the Copa America and Euro 2016 tournaments currently underway.

Starting the soccer game works the exact same way as with the basketball game that was originally released for March Madness. Just select the soccer ball emoji and send it to a friend or group message, then tap on the emoji to begin the game. (If the game doesn't start, make sure Messenger is up to date.)

You'll find the soccer ball emoji on Android devices in the emoji section marked by the soccer ball, and on iOS devices in the "Activity" tab of the Emoji section on the stock Apple keyboard.

The game is pretty straightforward. Your goal is to keep the ball in the "air" by tapping it. Tap it once to get going, and then tap it again before it falls past the bottom of the screen. Tapping closer to the center of the ball sends it on a more vertical trajectory, while hitting the edges sends it flying sideways and makes it harder to hit.

Messenger will keep track of your high score, so you can try to outdo one another, or just frustrate your coworkers with your Messenger soccer game excellence.

The soccer game should provide at least a somewhat-entertaining diversion. If you grow tired of it, there's always basketball and Chessenger to help you kill a little more time.

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Cover image and screenshots by Eric Ramsley/Gadget Hacks

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