How To: Enable internet tethering & MMS on the iPhone

Enable internet tethering & MMS on the iPhone

If you've been wondering how to get internet tethering working on your iphone 3G 3.0 or 3.0.1, check out this video! Jailbreaking your phone is optional for this.

To get internet tethering to work on your iPhone follow these instructions:

1. Download itunes 8.2 to the computer you want to tether your iphone to
2. Downgrade or upgrade your iphone to 3.0 or 3.0.1 your choice of preference.
3. Open safari on your iphone and go to
4. Go to Mobile Config Downloads and select where you live
5. Download the Carrier profile for Either AT&T or T-Mobile if you live in the usa. This part is USA. This applys the same for any country.
6. After installing restart your iphone
7. Once your iphone turns on go to settings-general-network-internet tethering and set it to on.
8. Hook the phone up to your pc via data cable
9. Wait for the iphone to install the software and drivers needed on your pc. This takes anywhere from 5-10 minuets
10. Once done your iphone will glow blue and say Internet Tethering.
11. Enjoy the freedom of tethering your iphones 3G internet to your laptop for free!

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