How To: Eliminate Excess Junk Data on Your Windows Phone 8 to Free Up More Storage Space

Eliminate Excess Junk Data on Your Windows Phone 8 to Free Up More Storage Space

There is no such thing as too much space when it comes to our smartphones. Space is the great equalizer of all things. No matter how many awesome features a device has, the amount of storage space available will always be a determining factor. Be it music, apps or photos, it's easy to fill up your phone's memory fast.

The best way to save some space on your mobile device is by clearing out your cache and other junk files. What do I mean by junk files? I'm talking about that annoying "Other" section that takes up space on your iPhone or iPad and you have no idea how to get rid of it.

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Not cool.

Well, if you're using a Windows Phone 8, there's an app called Shrink Storage that does just that.

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For some reason that unused space can only be deleted when the device is totally full. Shrink Storage force fills up your phone's internal memory, and then uses that built-in feature to delete some of the unused "Other" space.

Run the app after install and let it fill up your phone's free space. Once it is full, restart your phone and then hit Clean Phone Storage.

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When done, the application will tell you the estimated amount of space that has been released. The developer does note that you might need to run the application a few times before a significant amount of space is actually removed.

Some users reported gaining over 1GB of space, while others saw no change. But, the application is free, and it sure wouldn't hurt to try it out and see for yourself.

Have you tried Shrink Storage? Let us know how if it worked for you in the comments section.

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