How To: Easily SSH into your iPhone without Wifi

Easily SSH into your iPhone without Wifi

If you don't have a Wi-Fi network, you can still easily SSH into your iPhone. Just follow the steps outlined in this video tutorial. First, you will need a Mac or iPhone along with Fuju. Just download the program. Once you have all of this, click on the Wi-Fi bar and click on Create New Network. As a name, click on iPhone SSH and click Manual. This creates your new network, which you will see on the desktop. Double click on it and then look at your iPhone. Go to iPhone. Connect to the network you just made on your Mac desktop and hit Settings, General, and Auto-Lock. Make sure it's set on Never. To SSH, make sure the iPhone is on, on the home screen, and connected to the network. Then, open Fuju on your desktop and type in the IP address you found on the phone, the Port entry is 32, and enter a slash in the Directory line. Press connect and you are done.

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