How To: Easily Find the Perfect SoundCloud Playlist to Make Your Event More Memorable

Easily Find the Perfect SoundCloud Playlist to Make Your Event More Memorable

Within the last week, there have been at least three times when someone asked me to play a good playlist. This is always a tough call. What if I play something that nobody likes? I probably will.

With SoundCloud, you don't need to have that fear. The app is ready with the perfect playlist fit for whoever it is that you want to impress. Unlike Spotify and Pandora, SoundCloud won't hand over a teen girl's most-popular Bieber playlist. Instead, the app likes to direct you to playlists with more ... alternative choices than your typical radio favorites.

This means that it's unlikely for someone to judge your chosen playlist too hard because they probably won't know most of the music that your chosen SoundCloud playlist generates from. Even if a mainstream song sneaks in, it will most likely be remixed.

So, this is the perfect time to impress your guests with your unheard of music choices. You might even get a few new SoundCloud followers after the whole thing is over too. So how do you find SoundCloud's awesome mixes? As you'll see, it's as simple as opening the app itself.

Exploring SoundCloud's 'Playlists for ...' Feature

If you're looking for a playlist for a particular event, you only need to open Soundcloud and scroll down on the main page until you see sections containing playlists tailored for specific occasions. Examples are "Summer Music," which features the right tracks for festivals and rad trips, "Chill Tunes" for moments you and to relax and focus, and more.

Scroll to the right of each playlist to toggle between different ones posted by different users. From here, you can explore each playlist listed under each category, until you find the one right for your event.

If you'd like to save your newfound playlist to your SoundCloud Collection, then check out our link below on how to do just that.

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