How To: Earn Achievements on Your Android Device for Charging Your Phone, Installing Apps, and Other Daily Tasks

Earn Achievements on Your Android Device for Charging Your Phone, Installing Apps, and Other Daily Tasks

If I could win a trophy for waking up to go to work or for eating a bowl of Frosted Mini-Wheats without any of the biscuits getting soggy, I think my life would be so much more awesome. The gaming industry has cornered the market when it comes to achievement-based rewards, because they know that we love challenges.

It used to be once I beat a game's story mode, that was it—I never played it again. But with achievements, I can go back and play a game for weeks until I get all the achievement trophies and not get bored. This same type of incentive has been added to nearly all smartphone game apps.

So, XDA member slackydroid figured, why not add the same trophy-achievement system to your basic Android tasks? The app, perhaps afraid of too much creativity, is called Phonechievements.

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Phonechievements sets out to turn the most common phone tasks into a sort of game. With each achievement reached, you'll receive a virtual trophy. And there are some pretty cool achievements already listed.

Answering 1,000 calls or having a bunch of calls under 1 minute are just a few. Not missing the next 50 calls is another great one. Instead of ignoring that call from your grandma who's can't really hear out of her left ear, you now have another reason to pick up the phone!

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I think the app is really cool, because it turns what I would most likely already be doing into a fun game. There are non-phone related tasks as well, like installing all the Angry Birds games or reaching certain altitudes with your GPS. There are currently 60 unlockable achievements, with more to come in upcoming updates.

You can create and share unlocked achievements on Facebook or Twitter, too. There have been some complaints about the application causing some battery drain, so do be aware of that.

Phonechievements is available in the Google Play store and has opened up to some pretty great reviews. Make sure to check it out if you have an Android phone (2.0 and up).

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