How To: Download apps from the App Store on the Apple iPhone

Download apps from the App Store on the Apple iPhone

There's a ton of great applications you can buy and download for your iPhone, even your iPod Touch, and they're all at the tip of your finger (literally), right there in the Apple App Store. So how do you actually get one of those apps on your iPhone? Best Buy has answers. The Best Buy Mobile team explains how simple it is to download apps from the App Store on the Apple iPhone.

Ben: "Hi everyone, I'm Ben from Best Buy Mobile in Holyoke, Mass. Today I'm going to show you to how to download an app using the app store on your iPhone. First off, click the app store button on your phone. Second, wait for the list to load and you can pick any app you want on the phone to download whether it be free or paid, if you have an account. So now I'm in the free section of the app store because they have quite a few free apps. I click on the top one here and I wanna download it, all I do is click the free button and hit install. And now on the last page of where my apps currently are, that one is gonna start loading. Wait for it to finish downloading and it's ready to use. That's how you download an app on your iPhone."

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