How To: Delete apps from your iPhone or iPod Touch

Delete apps from your iPhone or iPod Touch

This is a very simply process. Pick any app and press down on it. Soon an X will appear in the upper left hand corner. All Iphones have certain default apps, which cannot be removed. These apps will not get an X. The apps will start vibrating. Decide which apps you want to remove and touch the X. You will get a message saying that the certain app is being deleted, as is all of the apps data. The message will say "delete" or "cancel". Once you hit delete you will get a message, which will ask you if you would like to rate the app. You can either hit "rate" or "no thanks". Once you have done this, the app will be deleted. Once you have deleted all of the apps you want off the Iphone, click home page and the X's will disappear. This is also how the apps are removed from the iPod Touch.

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