Dasher Messenger: Watch YouTube Videos, Delete Sent Messages, Send Money, & More

Watch YouTube Videos, Delete Sent Messages, Send Money, & More

A messaging app that blows your mind doesn't come along very often. Yeah, there's WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, which are both good for what they are (web-based messaging platforms), but when it comes to interesting or unique features, they're somewhat lacking.

Dasher Messenger, which is completely free and available on both Android and iOS, breaks away from other messaging apps by providing unique and useful features. Not only can you send unlimited messages, photos, and videos, but you can watch videos from inside the app, delete already sent messages from both ends, and even send money in just a few taps.

Watch YouTube Videos in Conversation Thread

Using a feature called "Smart Links," Dasher allows you to paste a link into a message thread, which then brings up a preview. You'll even be able to watch the video directly from Dasher without having to leave the app. (It currently supports YouTube and Vimeo videos.)

Additionally, SoundCloud links will let you listen to music, web links will give you an image and intro preview (if available), and links for Google Maps, Foursquare, and Yelp will give you zoomable maps or photos.

Delete Already Sent Messages from Both Ends

Accidentally sent a message? No worries, Dasher will fix it for you. Just tap on the three-dot menu button on the right side of the message you accidentally (or regretfully) sent, then select "Delete." Not only will the message be deleted on your end, but more importantly, it'll vanish from the recipient's end as well.

Send Money Through Dasher

Dasher is the first messenger to allow money transfers from within the application. Just log in with your Venmo account and enter how much money you want to send—it's as easy as that.

Insert a GIF Just by Entering a Random Word

Instead of forcing you to look through hundreds of thousands of GIFs to send, simply enter a word that relates to the GIF you're after, and Dasher will do the rest of the work for you, providing a random GIF on that topic.

Share Live Location Information

Want to let your friends know where you are? Set up a real-time location tracker so that you and your friends know where everyone is. Once you set the live location, it runs for an hour.

Overall, it's a pretty great messaging app if you want to stay in your messenger instead of having to constantly open up other apps to access content from video, music, map, and other media links.

So what do you guys think of Dasher? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook and Twitter.

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