How To: Cut, copy and paste text with your Apple iPhone

Cut, copy and paste text with your Apple iPhone

There are plenty of options and shortcuts available on the iPhone, and one notable feature is the ability to copy, cut and paste text or images, just like you would on a normal computer. So how do you do it? Best Buy has answers. The Best Buy Mobile team explains how simple it is to cut, copy and paste text with your Apple iPhone.

Moses Blue: "Hi, my name is Moses Blue and I'm the Best Buy Mobile manager in Charlotte, North Carolina. I'm getting ready to show you an easy way on how to copy and paste using your iPhone. I have something in my notes that I typed up earlier. What I want to do is I wanna make a copy of it. So what I'm going to do is, I'm going to take it, I'm going to take my finger and put it right on that and it's gonna give me an option to either select, select all. I want to select that entire sentence, I hit select all. Then it's gonna give me an option to copy it as soon as I did that. Click copy, then I go to another sentence right below it. Once I do that something's gonna pop up whether I can type something or I can hold it down, it's gonna give me an option to select, select all or to paste. I wanna paste and it just made a duplicate copy of I just typed. Another thing I wanna show you is how to select a single word using you iPhone if you don't want to do the entire sentence. If you click on the sentence, instead of doing select all, let's do select. When you do select it's just gonna give you the option to highlight a word. Click on the word and click copy. Come down to another sentence, click paste and there you have it. That's the easiest way to select a single word using you iPhone. This copy and paste function can work anywhere that you can write on your iPhone. So, I'm going to take my sentence, I'm gonna copy it, select. I'm going to select the entire sentence, I'm gonna copy it. I'm gonna to into my email. I'm gonna come down to my message, hold it down, paste. There it is! Click send and there you have it."

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