How To: Create Stop Motion Videos with Your iPhone

Create Stop Motion Videos with Your iPhone

This week has been awash with iPhone camera tips: Decim8, the digital glitch art generator; Bakari's 10 Uses for the Front-Facing iPhone Camera; and FiLMiC Pro, a professional app for shooting industry standard video. To wrap up our mini survey on iPhone camera apps & tips, one last fun tool: the $0.99 StopMotion Recorder.

If you're too intimidated by the time consuming demands of full on stop motion animation, StopMotion Recorder is a dummy-proof system catered toward beginners. Its features appear to be pretty basic (for a full rundown, visit their site), and end results can be shared via email, Flickr, Twitter and Youtube.

Available at the iTunes store; check out the app's capabilities in the sample clips in the gallery below.

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I can't be the only one that noticed this.... At 1:03 when he is saving his video and it shows his library, the video on the bottom is titled "nude" with a preveiw of him.

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