How To: Create a Personalized Web Browser for Your Android Device

Create a Personalized Web Browser for Your Android Device

Android's operating system has garnered much of its popularity due to the high amount of customization the user has at their fingertips. Whether it's customizing your home screen, lockscreen or even operating system, Android has always been one step ahead of Apple in the customization department. And now you can even design your own web browser.

Maxthon Mobile's "Make Your Browser" Web App

Maxthon Mobile allows users to create their own mobile web browser for their Android-based smartphone or tablet.


On their website, they have a web tool that lets you choose a name, icon, homepage, theme/skin and splash page for your browser! It only takes a few minutes to create and upload onto your Android device.

I created my own and named it Bowser's Browser.

Why customize your own web browser? If you have a brand that you want to push, you can set yourself apart from others. As an individual, you can set yourself apart from friends and family that use boring ol' regular browsers. The fact that it's not time consuming and gives uniqueness to your Android device should be enough of a reason to create your own, right?

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