How To: Copy and paste on your iPhone using Clippy Beta

Copy and paste on your iPhone using Clippy Beta

In this video from tysiphonehelp we learn how to copy and paste using Clippy Beta on your iPhone. You can get this on Cydia. Download it and install from Cydia. To use Clippy Beta, he opens safari and opens a URL. Then click the 123 button on the keyboard. Then click copy. Now to copy that URL, hold down your finger and slide it over all the text you want to copy. Then click copy. Click paste to paste it wherever you'd like. If you'd like to paste something into your notes, open notes, and click paste after pressing where you want it to go. Use it in your Mail as well in the same way. He does say on some keyboards it doesn't work, but this is a beta version and an update will come for sure.

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