How To: Copy and paste in your browser on your Motorola Droid

Copy and paste in your browser on your Motorola Droid

This how-to video explains how to copy and paste text in the browser in a Motorola Droid phone.

When we are browsing in a Motorola Droid phone and if we come across any text containing website URL and if we want to copy and paste the text in the browser then we can follow these two methods, first method is by pressing the "menu" button on the phone, many options will show up, look for the option "more" and then choose the option "select text", after doing this if we just click on the text that we need to copy automatically the text will be highlighted in purple with a message saying "text copied to clipboard", after this go to the address bar and click it once, then the browser will be highlighted after that give a long click until a menu pop up giving list of options, look for the option "paste", if we click that option the copied text will be pasted in the address bar, then click on "go" to continue the browsing. Another method of copying and pasting text in the browser is by pressing both "menu" button and "E" key on the key board, then we can select the text we can copy by simply clicking on the text, the rest of the procedure is same as we did earlier.

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