How To: Completely Hide Your Status Bar on Your Android Device

Completely Hide Your Status Bar on Your Android Device

The great thing about Android's customization is that you can either clutter up your home and lock screen with an infinite amount of awesome features and tweaks—or choose more of a stripped down minimalistic look.

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If you're someone who leans more towards a minimalistic look, a new mod by XDA member enryea123 will show you how to hide the status bar at the top of the phone, while still retaining its full functionality and ability to swipe it down.

Hide Status Bar

While there are ways to make the status bar transparent, this is the first mod to drastically shorten the status bar, making it virtually invisible, yet still fully functional.

The guide, which has been tested on CyanogenMod 10.1 with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, works with the majority of ROMs out in the market, minus a few Samsung-based and AOKP/AOSP versions.

To implement the feature onto your device, you will be using apktool to modify a few lines of code to the SystemUI.apk and framework-res.apk, before finally flashing it onto your device. If you want to check out the entire tutorial, head over to the XDA guide.

You can also watch the video below, to see enryea123 using the feature.

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Can you please tell me from what app is that green closed padlock on the top of your phone screen?

Thanks a lot.

What the heck, the video doesn't show how to do it, it just shows the output after the process is done ?! Put the tutorials properly.

I'm befuddled as to how to make it happen! Frustrated that everything like this has to be so difficult! I give up for now!

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