How To: Complete the Registry of Foundables & Obtain Treasures in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Complete the Registry of Foundables & Obtain Treasures in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

From the first moments of booting up Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to the hours of walking you're bound to experience, one thing is clear — encountering Foundables and defeating their Confoundables is a significant plot point of the AR game. While you receive rewards each time you retrieve a Foundable, the real treasure comes from completing parts of the Registry, called "Families."

Once you shake that spider web off Hagrid or you save Luna's edition of The Quibbler, you'll notice each return to a place called the Registry. The Registry is a collection of all the Foundables, items, or people that have gone missing during "The Calamity." While you return those missing to their rightful place, their Sticker ends up in one of many collections, called Families, each waiting for you to complete. But why make an effort? What's in it for you?

Well, if you're a completionist, you'll naturally want to find all of the Stickers and Fragments anyway. Whenever you complete a Registry page, it will upgrade the "frame," kind of like accessing another level. From here, that Registry resets, so you can go out and find the Stickers all over again. With seven Registry Families, each with their variety of pages, there are a lot of Foundables out there to collect.

But 100%-ing the Registry in itself isn't the main benefit here. Each time you find a Foundable, you increase the XP in the part of the Registry it belongs to. For example, when you save Hagrid, you gain experience points in the "Care of Magical Creatures" Family. You also earn Family XP whenever you complete a Registry page, so don't knock the completionist route too soon.

Once your XP reaches a specific limit, you earn a Treasure Trunk. Treasure Trunks contain unique items like Scrolls and Spell Books, which can be used to upgrade Lessons to grow your Expertise. Also, they can include Runestones, which are required to enter Chambers during Wizarding Challenges. There could also be Potions, which can be used to heal your stamina, boost your spells, or otherwise upgrade your abilities temporarily. And Dark Detectors, which can be used at Inns to located otherwise hidden Foundables. That's not all, either.

That's why you want to go Foundable-hunting — to not only complete Families in the Registry, but to unlock treasures to give you a boost in Wizards Unite. We wish there were some great shortcuts or cheats to get that Family XP and Treasure Trunks as soon as possible, but the game is strict — if you want to capture all the goodies, you need to put in the hard work collecting Foundables and completing Registry pages.

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Cover image and screenshot by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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