Coming Soon: Use Incognito Mode in Google Maps to Keep Your Location Searches & Navigation Totally Private

Use Incognito Mode in Google Maps to Keep Your Location Searches & Navigation Totally Private

With the Google I/O 2019 keynote out of the way, there have been a lot of news and highlights to take in from the event. Google's big push this year is all about privacy and security, and one of those features is an incognito private search mode for its Maps app, much like what the Chrome browser and YouTube app can do right now.

According to Google, you would be able to activate this new incognito mode in Maps by tapping your profile picture in the top right and tapping "Turn on Incognito Mode." To put it simply, you would be able to search, navigate, and visit places without even Google itself knowing or associating these places with your account. You, in theory, have the freedom to use Maps all you want without leaving a trace behind.

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There's no final release date for this private search mode in Google Maps, but it's likely to release in the coming months, potentially around the time Android 10 launches to the public. You can look forward to many other core Google apps and services getting the very same treatment with privacy and security being the main focus going forward. It's possible that incognito mode will show up on both Android and iOS at the same time, but one could get it before the other.

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Google is so dedicated to making sure you're in control of your data that it also recently announced you'll be able to automatically delete your location data and activity history, rather than keeping it indefinitely or manually clearing it yourself. You could potentially set it to auto delete your data every three months, which seems like a fair amount of time before it gets wiped clean.

Once we get more details about how incognito search in Google Maps works and when it's available, we'll let you know. We'll also keep you updated on all the latest news and cool stuff coming out later this year for Android and your Google account, so stay tuned.

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