Coming Soon: Share Instagram Comments in Direct Messages, Stories, or Other Apps

Share Instagram Comments in Direct Messages, Stories, or Other Apps

Sometimes, you'll see a comment on Instagram that you really need to share. Maybe it's something funny, possibly offensive. Whatever the case, the only thing to do is screenshot it and share that, right? Hopefully, not for long. Instagram is currently testing a feature that would allow you to share comments with others via a direct message and maybe even to stories and other apps.

The keyword is testing. Instagram has stated no plans to roll out a comment-sharing feature, and even if it did, at this point, it's still rough around the edges. Jane Manchun Wong, who digs into the code for apps to find new features, discovered comment sharing during a recent app expedition and only the basics are there.

As seen in Wong's tweet, Instagram could offer a "Share" button next to comments. When you tap it, you'll see a typical share menu, filled with apps, actions, and a list of friends to DM. That said, Wong states that the only functionality thus far in Instagram's tests is for Instagram Direct. If you tap the "Story" option or another app to share the comment to, you'll simply share the entire post instead.

When you do share a comment with a friend via Direct, you'll see it contained in a gray box. At the top, you'll see a label explaining the context of the comment. In the middle, you'll see a thumbnail for the post as well as the comment itself.

While we don't have any idea when Instagram plans to announce comment sharing or even introduce it to its beta app, we'll continue to monitor its status and update this article with any news or developments.

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Cover image by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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