Coming Soon: New Boomerang Options to Create Fun, Looping Videos on Instagram

New Boomerang Options to Create Fun, Looping Videos on Instagram

Boomerangs are undoubtedly one of Instagram's most iconic features. If you don't already know, Boomerangs record up to 20 frames of video, then loop that video back and forth (hence the name). For the entirety of its existence, however, there's only been one way to shoot Boomerangs, but that won't be the case for long. Instagram is currently testing five new Boomerang options for its Stories camera.

Instagram didn't announce these Boomerang options. Instead, we learned about them through Jane Manchun Wong, who dives into apps looking for features in development. She dug into the Instagram app's code and found some hidden features being tested. New Boomerang options just happen to be one of those secret features, as she reported on Aug. 15.

A possible Instagram update could feature six total options for Boomerangs:

  • Classic: Your standard Boomerang. Nothing new here.
  • Hold: This will stop the video at the end of the loop before looping back. Boomerangs already do it to a degree, so it will be interesting to see how "Hold" changes the length of the pause.
  • Dynamic: Instagram will "wiggle" your video at the end of the loop, most likely taking the last few frames before the end and looping those as well.
  • Slowmo: Reportedly the same as Classic, just played slower.
  • Duo: Strangely, Duo is the same as Classic, only slightly slower.
  • Duo: You're not seeing double. Manchun reports two Duo options, the second of which is marginally faster than Classic. Maybe they will be combined into one option with two modes.

If you want to get a better visual sense for these new options, Manchun created interactive previews on her site for each with the Google Chrome dinosaur seen above. They're a fun way to picture what Instagram is brewing up for us down the line. When exactly is down the line? There's no way to tell yet. We'll just need to sit tight until Instagram feels Hold, Dynamic, Slowmo, and the Duos are ready for action.

Cover image by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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