How To: Combine Top News Stories Shared by Facebook & Twitter Friends into One Easy-to-Read Place

Combine Top News Stories Shared by Facebook & Twitter Friends into One Easy-to-Read Place

Serving as the primary tool of distribution for many websites, social media is how most of us catch up what's going on around the world. While there is a bunch of clickbait going around on Facebook and Twitter, there are plenty of genuinely interesting articles being shared.

Now, thanks to Nuzzel, Inc., seeing all of the news being shared and passed around by your friends is easy. Using their free application, Nuzzel: News From Your Friends, you can aggregate all the shared content into one simple reading list. Start by installing it from either the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store, then follow along below.

After signing in with either your Facebook or Twitter account (or both), you'll see a nice list of all the shared content by the people you follow or are friends with. Within the app's settings, you can even toggle on alerts for articles shared by three or more people.

Once you're in an article, you can enable "Text" mode for a simpler layout and easier read, removing images and other unnecessary media.

As if getting news wasn't easy enough, Nuzzel definitely makes it easier. If you're like me and use social media to get your daily scoop, then definitely give this app a shot. You won't miss a thing and you can skip out on all the pointless social media posts.

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