How To: Clean the trackball on a BlackBerry Tour 9630

Clean the trackball on a BlackBerry Tour 9630

Follow these simple instructions from Zeevideo to clean the track ball on the RIM BlackBerry Tour 9630 device. Using two simple items: a clean sheet of paper and a pair of scissors can clear most of your track ball issues. The BlackBerry Tour 9630 dose not have a removable track ball unit so to clean the trackball cut a small piece of paper that can be use to manure under the inset of the trackball, using your thumb move the trackball to the side allowing just enough space to slid the slip of paper under the unit. After sliding the paper under the unit maneuver the trackball as you normally would until the paper can be manipulated from both ends. The debris trapped beneath the unit will be dislodged and can be blown away. Be careful not to tear the paper, continue to work the paper until there is no debris to dislodge.

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