How To: Clean the trackball on a BlackBerry Bold cell phone

Clean the trackball on a BlackBerry Bold cell phone

This video instructs you on how to clean the trackball on the Blackberry Bold 9000. Begin by turning off your Blackberry and removing the battery. Using a torque T5 screwdriver, remove the 6 screws around the edge that hold on the cover. Remember that doing this will void your warranty. Once the cover is removed, use your screwdriver to lift off the circuit board. Be aware that the USB port can get stuck. If that happens just push the port down slightly and you should be able to remove the circuit board. Using a pocket knife, pull up the 2 small pins at the bottom of the cover of the trackball and this will allow the cover to lift off. Use tweezers to lift up the trackball. You can buy a replacement trackball or you can clean the one you have. Before you take it apart to clean, examine the casing around the trackball so you are aware of how it goes back together. Open up the metal sheath around the ball by using the pocket knife to pry off the back. Now your ready to clean the trackball. Each corner has 4 small black circles that can be removed to enhance cleaning. Because they are magnetic, they are difficult to reassemble. You can clean the trackball without removing the circles. It is your choice. Roll around the pieces to clean them. When you are finished cleaning, click the back plate back on (knob side toward the metal section with the hole in the center). Next, place the trackball and casing back into your Blackberry (2 knobs at the top and 2 knobs at the bottom). Check to make sure the trackball is rolling smoothly. Then click the faceplate back on. Put the board back in the casing. Be careful to slide the screen in under the clips on the plate and USB port into the corresponding hole. Next, replace the cover and tighten all the screws you removed. Replace your battery and battery cover. You are now ready to go.

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