How To: Change your slide to unlock words on an iPhone

Change your slide to unlock words on an iPhone

Shallisubscribe teaches viewers how to change the slide to unlock words on the iphone! First, you need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch! Next, open up Cydia and search for 'iFile'. Next, after downloading this open up Cydia and search for 'Slide to Unlock Killer'. You will also want to download this. Next, open up iFile and at the top left corner press that button 'var'. Scroll down until you find the folder that reads 'stash'! Next, find the 'theme' folder and click on the 'Entriegel Killer.theme'. Next, click on the folder labeled 'Folder' and next the folder called ''. Next, find 'en.lproj' and click on this. Next, you will want to click 'Springboard.strings'. Next click on 'Edit' at the top left of the screen click in the quotations and type the name you want and then press 'save' and then 'done'. Now, go to your winterboard. Now, you have customized your phone and slide to unlock option!

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