How To: Change the back cover on your iPhone 4

Change the back cover on your iPhone 4

iPhones and the entire Apple i-line are incredibly gorgeous. Streamlined, minimalist, and futuristic, they're the epitome of both form and function. But we've always had a bit of a problem with the fact that it seems like every other person walking down the street has the SAME EXACT model as us. Doesn't exactly make us feel unique, you know?

If you're in the mood for customization, check out this video to learn how to take off the back cover of your iPhone 4 and replace it with something more you.

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Good job explaining how to take the back cover off. I can't get the screws off. What size philips are you using? It appears that Apple might have stripped the screw threads on the screws, because they were the last ones to take my phone apart. Any ideas on how to get the screws out if they are stripped? Thank you...

They should be pentalobe screws, so you'd need a pentalobe screwdriver to take them off properly. Looks like he just used a flathead to work them off, but it's way easier with a pentalobe screwdriver.

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