How To: Can't Upload Photos to Facebook in iOS 6? Here's How You Stop Getting Errors

Can't Upload Photos to Facebook in iOS 6? Here's How You Stop Getting Errors

If you bought the new iPhone 5 or upgraded your old one to iOS 6, you may be having issues when you try to upload photos to Facebook. After updating, the first time you try to share an image from the Facebook app, it will ask you to allow access to your Camera Roll.

If you're like me, your first instinct when Facebook asks you for access to anything is to say no, but this isn't just a Facebook thing. It's actually an extra layer of security provided by Apple to keep all apps from accessing your data without explicit permission.

If you select Don't Allow, anytime you want to upload a pic to Facebook, you'll be presented with a "lock" screen saying it doesn't have access.

Fixing it is easy. Just open Settings, then select the Privacy menu. Under Photos, find the Facebook app and switch it On.

Again, this doesn't just work for Facebook. Anytime you want to allow or deny access to photos for any app, you can do so under this same menu. It's the same for all of your other data, too, including location services and contacts, so you can tweak all those permissions here as well.

Personally, even if it means an extra step, I'm glad Apple is stepping up when it comes to privacy. I'd rather have to change a few settings to upload a photo than have apps be able to access my stuff without my knowing. Especially since all iOS 6 needs to find you on Facebook is a phone number.

What do you think? How much data do you share with apps? Let us know in the comments.

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help, i havent been able to upload any pics to my facebook from my droid for a week. i get the red x every time. i can log into fb from someone elses phone and upload just fine but not from mine. something has happened. i can upload pics to my email and send as text but not to facebook. can anyone offer any help?

Are you trying to upload them by signing in through your browser, or from the Facebook app? If you're using the app, I'd try uninstalling and reinstalling it. If you've updated recently to the newest version, that could be causing it, too. From the reviews on the app in the Play Store, it sounds like a lot of people are having the same problem with the newest update.

I got the same problem as you Stacey. I've tried so many things, I don't remember what I've tried !! At one point I lost access to FB on the phone too. It started last week with pics uploading slow/ weird

on my iphone 4 when i post a photo STRAIGHT to facebook there is text from an IOS photo upload "call us for VW... etc" that shows UP ON EVERY photo. .. it does not happen if i email the photo to facebook. why does this "text" stay with every photo?

i reset facebook on my iphone delete and re-installed the app but that did not stop it.

the text is an old client VW dealer that for one is not a client anymore and it attaches there phone number to ALL pics i post too..

it has to stop

The problem I'm having posting photos straight to Facebook is that it uploads ALL of my iOS photos, as well as the comments made when I first posted them months ago. I cannot figure out how to post just ONE picture as I take it on my iPhone 4.

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