How To: The Best Way to Create Photo Collages for Instagram Pics on Android & iPhone

The Best Way to Create Photo Collages for Instagram Pics on Android & iPhone

If you're one of the many that likes to upload collages to Instagram, the Facebook company has a new tool for you. Instagram released a brand new app in March called Layout to help facilitate the process of creating photo layouts to post onto social media or just share with friends.

Layout marks Instagram's second venture into standalone apps, the first being Hyperlapse, a brilliantly designed video stabilizer that makes any video you shoot look professionally done.

Layout lets you combine a handful of photos into a collage, giving you complete control over the size and position of the photos in one of the available layouts, while utilizing some new filtering techniques that provide access to just the photos you want.

Best of all, if you're looking to create layouts for means other than posting to Instagram, the app does not require that you have an Instagram account. Go ahead and install Layout for Android or Layout for iOS and follow along below to see how it works.

Creating Your Layout

In the app, you can go through your camera roll to tap on a photo to add it to your collage. At the top of Layout, you'll see the photos you select automatically placed in an array of layouts.

After choosing a layout, you can edit the size of of each photo, as well as mirror the images or flip them upside down. Save the image to export it to your camera roll, as well as share directly to Instagram and Facebook.

Why Layout Is Different

There are a few features that separate Layout from the myriad of similar apps available. For one, Layout detects which of your photos have faces, so you can then browse through only pictures with people in them. According to Instagram, 90% of all collages uploaded to their service are of people, so it just makes it easier for you to create the posts you likely want.

Additionally, there's a built-in tool to take pictures photo booth-style. Just select the amount of photos you want to take (up to 4) and the app will quickly snap the photos, using only your front-facing camera.

My favorite feature in Layout is the fact that there are no borders. Usually these types of photo editors feature white borders, which in my opinion ruin a collage. Without borders, the photos have more of a seamless, united look, giving off the appearance of a single photo instead of several combined together.

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