How To: The Best Apps to Help You Quit Smoking

The Best Apps to Help You Quit Smoking

There's a great fighting adage that says "Every plan, no matter how great, goes out the window as soon as you're punched in the face." While our lives are (hopefully) not violent, that saying can easily translate to our daily living. That punch in the face can come in various forms, mainly stress-related. It could be a bad day in the office, rush hour traffic, drama in the family, the list goes on.

Now that the New Year is upon us, lots of people are re-evaluating their terribly one-sided relationship with cigarettes. If you made it your resolution to give big tobacco the boot, you're at the start of a long and stressful journey—but one that could actually save your life. However, with the help of these three great apps, along with your iron will, you're sure to succeed and finally quit smoking!

1. Smoke Free

Smoke Free, by David Crane, is a straightforward quit smoking app that lets you log your habits and cravings, and track how many cigarettes you've not had. The app analyzes your data and gives you an idea as to how much your health has improved from not smoking. Smoke Free can also create missions to complete for those who need that extra push and help with staying motivated.

2. Get Rich or Die Smoking

Get Rich or Die Smoking arguably has the catchiest (or most haunting) name of all the quit smoking apps. This app serves you a heap of perspective pudding—not only does it show you how much money you save by being smoke free, it also shows you what you can purchase with all that money.

You can chart your progress, reward yourself with trophies, and talk to other like-minded quitters to help keep your morale up. There's also a nifty "Relapse" button to press should you give into temptation, which will hold you accountable and keep your profile honest.

3. Kwit

Kwit is a great app that makes the actual process of quitting more engaging. The app uses the same methods that game devs use to keep users playing their products and staying interested: You advance in levels as you progress, with 60 achievements to unlock. Unlocking achievements rewards you with information about health benefits you're getting from staying smoke-free.

Put simply, Kwit makes quitting smoking a little less painful by making you look at such a tough proposition as more a game and less of a chore.

Happy New Year!

Quitting will certainly be a challenge, but it's comes with one of the best payoffs out of any possible resolution. On that note, we wish you all a very Happy New Year's! Good luck and godspeed in your journey, may you all be successful!

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